The University of St. Thomas

Student-Alumni Mentoring

The St. Thomas student experience is unmatched, and we know that Tommies like you take great pride in that! Through the Student-Alumni Mentoring program, alumni have the opportunity to contribute to current students' experiences in powerful and life-changing ways. And students benefit greatly from the expertise held by our alumni and the real-world experiences they learn about. It's fun, and we offer plenty of help! 

We are excited to implement a new online component to the 2017-2018 mentoring program. PeopleGrove is an online mentoring platform that allows mentors and mentees to communicate, schedule meetings and set goals with ease. Registration is OPEN for mentors! See below for more information.

Current students will be invited to register in September. Watch your email for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Alumni Mentoring Handbook 2017-2018

Registration for Mentors

Step One:
Create an account on the new PeopleGrove mentoring platform. It's easy and takes only a few minutes!

Please note that Internet Explorer is NOT supported by the new mentoring platform. For the best user experience, please use Firefox or Google Chrome.

Registration Tips:
  • Input "University of St. Thomas" (not St. Thomas University) in the "Your University" section of registration.
  • We highly recommend that you add a photo in the "About You" section of registration.
  • Select "yes" when asked if you are joining a formal mentorship program. Then select "Student-Alumni Mentoring" from the drop down option.
Step Two: Hang tight! Students will begin joining the platform starting Sept. 6, 2017. Once they do so, they will have until Oct. 3 to search through the mentor database to select their mentors.

Step Three: You will receive an email message when a student is requesting you as a mentor. Please log in to the mentoring platform and review the student's profile, and either accept or politely decline the request, depending on if you think you will be a good fit for the student.

Step Four:
Attend the Student-Alumni Mentoring kickoff dinner on Oct. 25 (business and engineering students) or Nov. 2 (everyone else) and connect with your mentee in person!

Step Five: Continue to connect with your mentee! We ask that you connect with your mentee at least once a month in person or via phone, email or Skype.