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Student-Alumni Mentoring

Thank you to all who participated in the the Student-Alumni Mentoring program this academic year! We truly appreciate our mentors' willingness to dedicate time and expertise to their students, and we hope students and mentors enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from one another. But just because this year's program is drawing to a close doesn't mean that your mentoring relationship has to end! Please contact your mentor or mentee to determine the best way to stay in touch.

Next year, we will implement exciting, innovative improvements to the program! In the fall, we will launch an online mentoring platform that will allow mentors and mentees to communicate, schedule meetings and set goals with ease. Please stay tuned for more details!


The St. Thomas student experience is unmatched, and we know that Tommies like you take great pride in that! Through the Student-Alumni Mentoring program, alumni have the opportunity to contribute to current students' experiences in powerful and life-changing ways. And students benefit greatly from the expertise held by our alumni and the real-world experiences they learn about. It's fun, and we offer plenty of help!

See how the program has been benefiting students and alums for more than 20 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Student Alumni Mentoring Handbook 2016-17