The University of St. Thomas
Old Guard

Old Guard Reunion

The annual Old Guard Grand Gala will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2015 on the University of St. Thomas St. Paul campus. Mass will be celebrated in the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas, followed by a dinner at which we will honor those who have graduated 50 or more years ago.

About the Old Guard
More than 30 years ago, alumni from the 1920s were celebrating their 50-year reunion at the College of St.Thomas. At the reunion, they asked Monsignor Terrence Murphy, then the president of St. Thomas, if the college was going to forget about them after their reunion celebration.

So began the discussion about creating a reunion for all alumni who have passed the 50-year reunion milestone. Mr. Len Tracy ’29, with other alumni and college administrators, devoted time to creating a distinguished group of alumni who would gather on an annual basis. Today, this group is known as the “Old Guard.”

The Old Guard of the University of St.Thomas is composed of alumni who have celebrated their 50-year reunions and have received their Alumnus Magnus certificates from the president of the university.

The Old Guard is the protector of the foundations and traditions of St. Thomas.  Old Guard members show their pride in the university through public support of St. Thomas, participation in alumni activities, volunteering with their alma mater, and financial support.


In honor of the reunion, we encourage you to give a gift in support of student scholarships. Many classes have endowed scholarships that you can support to provide scholarship funds to current and future students. For classes that do not have scholarships, the Old Guard Fund has been established. Please contribute online.


Old Guard Reunion Planning Committee
A special thank you to these individuals who have helped make the Old Guard reunions memorable! 

Al Colling ’59 (Co-Chair)
Mike Heffron ’57 (Co-Chair)
John Maturen ’53 (Co-Chair)
Gary Ales '62
Jerry Alfveby '56
Ron Arneberg '55
Tom Bastasz '60
Don Becker '51
Bernard Brokorb '63
Bob Burns '56
Larry Butler '57
Marty Campion '55
Leo Casey '48
Al Colling '59
Don Combs '48
Don Cosgrove '62
Terry Cummings '62
Gary Davis '63
Terry Dempsey '54
Jack Dolan '59
Tom Duffy '55
John Eibert '49
Jack Engel '55
Ron Evon '57
Gene Faulhaber '52
John Fischer '60
Jerry Friedmann '59
Mike Galvin '52
Bill Gleason '50
Jean Gray '51
Lou Haak '54
Lee Hallgren '57
Richard Hardes '61
Jim Hare '56
Mike Heffron '57
Fred Keup '52
Tom King '60
Dick Klein '55
John Knox '43
Ray Mahowald '59
Charlie Matthews '53
John Maturen '53
Jim McEnaney '52
Dick McKenna '57
Jerry Meyer '57
Roger Meyer '61
Don Nowak '43
Dan O'Neill '56
Tom Pacholl '50
Lou Pilney '53
Tom Rolewicz '61
Al Rosinski '54
Tom Russell '61
Pat Scanlan '52
John Scanlan '59
Bob Schmall '54
Dan Schneeman '54
Fred Scofield '58
Fr. David Smith '58
Dave Steveken '57
John "Jack" Swift '54
Don Traxler '50
Denny Wagener '58
Bill Waldorf '53
Art Walsh '62
Herb Mischke '48 (Emeriti)
George Moskalik '39 (Emeriti)