The University of St. Thomas

Student Alumni Council

Building bridges between students and alumni...

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) was formed in 1972 (then called President's Student Development Council) and continues to bring together students, alumni and friends of the university in a variety of special events and projects. 

SAC strives to increase the understanding alumni have of their alma mater and its students, as well as exposing students to the vital role alumni play in the quality and traditions of the University of St. Thomas.

The Student Alumni Council's External Vice President holds a voting position on the Undergraduate Student Government.

The Student Alumni Council consists of about 50 current undergraduate students who organize and execute six major events and programs:

SAC members also play an active role in The Student Legacy Program.  Find us on Facebook:  Look for UST Student Alumni Council. Or click here to see photos from Student Alumni Council events and other alumni events.

Executive Committee Members

Jack Vickers ‘16

Vice President-Internal Affairs

Jenna Engel ‘16

Vice President-External Affairs,
Rep. to USG

Hayley Estes ‘16

Melissa Palank ‘01


Mission Statement: The mission of the Student Alumni Council is to build the bridge between students and alumni. The Student Alumni Council’s responsibility is to positively represent the University of St. Thomas student body and help foster a lifelong commitment between the university, its alumni and its students by providing spiritual, educational, professional, social and community-service opportunities.